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Coding, Robotics and Engineering!

It is not only that the demand for STEM-related jobs will remain strong in the future and that programmers are required in almost every field, but it is also about the problem-solving abilities students gain when learning how to code.

Kids who learn how to code today will strengthen their critical thinking skills, will develop a better logical and computational thinking, and will be way better than others in analytical thinking and in teamwork. Because coding isn’t only about the app, software, robot or digital solution your students create and build, coding is a multidisciplinary field where students will gain knowledge and tools that go way beyond the pure line of code.

Kiddiengineer™ Club


Where can you find Kiddiengineer;

Blueberry Office Park, Randpark Ridge, Gauteng

How are these courses delivered;


Live Streaming

Online Learning Platform (Attend our online course anytime from anywhere)

To whom are these course delivered;

Currently Grade 4+


Free and Paid for courses

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